We can animate in all styles, in all disciplines. We can design, build, light, shoot and post-produce.

Whatever the characters or concepts require to tell the story, we can suggest different approaches to one idea, encompassing hand-drawn (2D) or computer generated animation. As well as fully articulated animation armatures, we can create rod-puppets or marionettes for projects.

If needed, we can mix things up and blend different techniques.


Puppets, miniature castles, paper, trees, breeze blocks, pizzas, we’ll try anything to achieve tactile realism. Animation with models, puppets and things. Real studio, real lights, real camera.


Hand-drawn or clean-edged characters with plenty of personality. Sketched out for that hand-made feel or sharp vectors for a slick design style.


Go virtually anywhere. We created the big bang for ‘The Sky At Night’ and giant wooden castles for ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’

Motion Graphics

Augment any film or bring your identity to life with composited effects, animation and typography. We can use animation to enhance any visual story. What’s yours?


Whether covered in fur or carved from wood, we can inject some theatrical performance into your idea. We handcraft everything in house, then choreograph each performance with some of the most skilled puppeteers in the country.

Visual effects

From fire and ice to fancy bubbles, our set-up enables us to shoot VFX elements for documentary, drama or corporate films. We also have an SR1 motion control rig which comes in handy for pack-shots and multi-pass trickery.